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100 Thieves player Asuna receives death threats

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100 Thieves said Valorant player Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk received death threats after some recent trash talking.

Competing in his first LAN event Friday at the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Stage 3 Masters in Berlin, the 18-year-old Asuna taunted players from Brazil’s Havan Liberty during a break for “wasting his time.”

Valorant analyst Yinsu Collins posted a clip of the exchange on Twitter but deleted it on Saturday after explaining that Asuna had received death threats.

“Deleted a tweet about 100 Thieves’ banter on Stage because I saw Asuna was getting death threats,” Collins wrote. “Can’t believe I have to say this but for the love of God don’t send death threats to players for having fun, get a grip you melts.

“… If you’re someone who did this just know that you’re a disappointment and a bad person.”

100 Thieves swept Havan Liberty in Friday’s opening match in Group C play, winning 13-3 on Ascent and 13-6 on Icebox.

–Field Level Media

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